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Cyclic Law Artist TeHÔM Interview is up

1. So why was there over a decade between TeHÔM releases is the 1st question I have?

It was definitely a big break, primarily because Siniša ex-member was my best friend and when he died he left a great void in my life. For a long time I could not live with that. I was thinking still before 6-7 years ago to make a new album, but I still was not ready for it. Then I lifted just a MySpace page first and after that official website, later come facebook page, etc. First I renewed information about the project, started to remove dust from the name TeHÔM, made ​​several music videos for songs from previous albums "Theriomorphic Spirits", someone I made and some with the help of friend Mirela. Then 2011 I finally start build some tracks.

2. When I listen to TeHÔM I hear Dark Electro/Ethno Rituals with a strong nature base in Dark Industrial genre. How would you describe the project?

I will describe the project into experimental ritual ambient and yeah with some help of ethno rhythms but more obscure and ofcourse dark ambient sound influenced.
New album and some of the songs are in the ritual atmospheres and deep floating rolling sound. I wanted to mix the album with ambient and ritual parts that people feel some kind of mantra and repetition. But for me in global still remain within the domain some kind of dark ambient genre with ritual influence.

3. How did you come to work with Cyclic Law and not continue with Twilight Command/ Tesco Org?

Actually, I first had in mind to continue with Twilight Command and Douglas P, because I met him at one DIJ concert here in Zagreb in November 2011 and hinted eventual continuation of TeHÔM work, he was a little bit surprised and told me to send him materials when and if be done. But when it came out the first song on the compilation UK label Kalpamantra Records and I began to announce on facebook that new album is in preparation. Then Frederic from Cyclic Law Records contact me and said he knows of TeHÔM and that he liked the new song and when I finish album if I want send him to hear and might him if I do not continue with Douglas. And then I decided when I finish an album that will send him first. And so it was.
I decided to change a little bit story behind TeHÔM and take direction in some other sphere than on the NER side label Twilight Commande made picture end of 90’s. For me it is good for continuation of project, do not get stuck somewhere like for example in neofolk, what TeHÔM never was. Just released the first two albums for the label representing mainly this kind of music, but there were also some other non-neofolk projects as Splinter Test (Genesis P-Orridge & Larry Thrasher), etc. TeHÔM always disclaims any kind of uniforms, symbol or ideology behind that, is not part of this and never before was. Music and the whole expression of the project mainly was never politically.
4. Is there a theme on Lacrimae Mundi or just a collection of dark hymns?

I think is more a collection of dark hymns!

5. How much does Faith and Belief play into the creation of songs with TeHÔM?

Maybe a little, but is not main thing in creation of TeHÔM tracks.

6. Your website is rather impressive do you feel this with Social media ( You tube, Facebook, Twitter and G+) are the best ways to promote underground music these days?

Yes, all these Social medias are important for promotion today, but I’m an oldschool guy and want have official real website where is all on one place, and design in the way of project style. It seems to me still more professional than just a facebook page.

7. Cyclic Law with Malignant seem to be the last bastions for the Dark Industrial sounds as Cold Meat has really slowed down as well as Cold Spring in UK. , There are a few smaller labels out there but not like the 90's/ 00's. Why do you feel this music has gone so underground these days?

I think record companies are dying due to costs of publications. With the advent of mp3’s in a number of quite a changed situation, people are not buying more music as before, because everything is available on the net a few days immediately after the release, and because it is too much music on the market and people do not have money for all. And also maybe new generations are not so much inside of this more obscure music.

8. I would say you have much in common with In Slaughter Natives, Sephiroth and Inade in the way you sounds are created. How do the ideas come and how do you layer the tracks to sound like they do?

The last few years I had a lot of unusual situations in my life where a man asks yourself a lot of things, and it is partly emerged in the new songs. There were also some special mental state of mind when I was not always in a good opportunity to make music but these are perhaps the best moments of this album where now when I listen to it I hear a lot of those strange dark moments. Creating music is repetitive and time-consuming process, your head of all these sounds is slowly in a state of hypnosis, but I love this state. I used to listen to one and the same repetitive ritualistic ambient sound for hours until I come up with ideas for TeHÔM proposal for a song or part of a song. A creation or collecting of sounds or rhythms occur in all sorts of ways. For example I watch a movie and my brain works so that when I hear some good sound or rhythm immediately put it into the context of the song and remember where's and edit and change it to my taste for the style of music that I prefer and I do.

9. Would TeHÔM want to play live in 2014 if so what would  a show be like?

Yeah, definitely want to TeHÔM playing audio-visual “live” happenings how it can be live at all. They called project to the famous Wroclaw Industrial Festival, there will be still artists like Lustmord, Troum, Ex.Order (Inade project), 6 Comm, Legendary Pink Dots,..
Want doin’ live shows because Siniša ex-member therefore untimely death never have time do any live so I'll do it for him to. Want people around experience some kind of TeHÔM audio-visual performance. I will use for these shows Ableton live, Akai APC40 controller, some midi keyboard, some effect pedals, metal objects, and maybe still something. Ofcourse backdrop videos will be included inside visuals. My friend Mirela helping me a lot around videos and this kind of presentation.   

10.  You have several videos to tracks off new release do you feel Video is the need frontier for experimental artists as your sounds play so well to the film format?

I think it is for experimental artists, that TeHOM also is, quite necessary video format for its expression and complete picture of what the writer wanted to say. And it is quite striking than only with sound. For me, video is always supposed to be present with TeHÔM music. That's why I initially started to work videos after the first video that made the Italian audio-video artist Svart1 for track "The Shadow Integration" from the 2nd album.

11. Will TeHÔM continue to create more albums or was this something that needed to be completed?

Yes, TeHÔM will definitey continue with the release of the albums, immediately after inspiration is in the head. Will not wait another 14 years for sure! Especially now when I see that people recognise the project from earlier years of existing with really good feedbacks and some new younger people also become fans of music TeHÔM making. All that’s good inspiration and platform for future albums and live performances.  

12. What are you currently listening to and reading these day tell us a lot about where you mind is ?

To be honest I do not read so much lately. The last two years were difficult period of my life, perhaps worst of all, I'm in a transitional period and the change of life. All this was reflected also on the new album which I consider going with all of this. Music is other thing, listening a lots of ambient and experimental stuff from family label Cyclic Law, then Malignant Records, Lustmord always, last Vasilisk album, Aural Hypnox Records and projects, Loki Found releases, etc. Also some electronic sound like new Clock DVA usb stick album, is good comeback for Adi, with nice remixes from some interesting artists. Like I read new T.A.G.C. album is also in preparation and it is good news, I like many stuff from these 2 projects from long time ago.   

13. Do you record or make art in any other projects or formats we did know about ?

I have one more project active from the middle of 90’s, there was also me and Siniša ex- TeHÔM member involved. Principia Audiomatica released 1 album 1995 for well known italian experimental-industrial-electronic label Minus Habens Records (it was after Implant Code project I have with other 2 guys and released mini CD for same label 1993). You can check more info at official website It is more electronic-ambient sound. I also working on new materials for 2nd album. Will have also some remixes from few artists included.

14. What do you want people to get out of the 3 albums you've recorded?

I want people remember album(s) and some track inbetween thousends of others today. When hear it to repeat it in player or in mind. It’s quite dark music ofcourse, but that is just one facet to what is going on. Close your eyes, will find yourself becoming only an abstract construct burnished out of light and shadow. And that’s true, want people close eyes, relaxing, listening music and go to their best or worst pictures, feel something good or bad in their minds. Also maybe learn something from music and states of minds, making experience any kind of through listening that stuff.

15. Thank you for your time any closing thoughts here.
Thanks to you on questions and for the follow-up of the project since the days of Nero / Tesco Org labels and distribution in the late 90's early 00's.

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Candlelight Recordings Artist Krieg/ N. Imperial Interview

1. Tell us a bit why so long off time between last and current Transient release?

-Lots of reasons, mostly boring. I could just cop out and say that this was just the right time to do it and not any earlier. 

2. Is it hard to keep a sound or style of music with line up as fluid as Krieg's

-I want to say no but looking back at the different albums there have been several different styles and emotions throughout the years. Musical ADHD I suppose. I'm constantly exploring new genres in my own listening habits so that really bleeds in to what I'm doing musically. The different lineups help this because everyone has a different approach to what I'm writing and also contribute their own material which adds different dimensions to what Krieg is doing. 

3. I know your the front man for Twilight Who have just released their 3rd and final release. That project has so much promise still . We understand the issues with Blake but why not continue on as all the other members are really the current focus of the Project?

-Because for as poisonous as Blake has been he was also a founding member and really who brought us together in the beginning so on one hand it's almost out of a demented kind of respect to that. On the other hand the name Twilight carries too much weight for us and while we will continue to work together it will not be under that name. 

4. With Transient there is very much a Post Punk, Crust and Noise element what that on purpose or just a natural progression. I hear so much elements of Old Swans, His hero is gone, Killing Joke and bands like Noothgrush and Damad going on here?

-It's a reflection of my listening habits the last five years. It's also a reflection of my own personal work towards becoming a better musician and writer and some of the bands you mentioned really have inspired me to push through my comfort zone within black metal and reach out to grasp something new for myself.
5. Is there a story or theme running behind Transient?

-It's autobiographical like all my work since "The Black House" have been. Just a document of who I am right now. I go back and listen to previous records and I don't know that man, only memories. The same will happen with this one in time. The words in "Home" reflect the theme. It's my first record I've done in over ten years where I haven't been on any kind of anti depressant or any kind of drug, recreational or otherwise, really. So it's the most "human" thing I've done in some time. 

6. You have worked with Several labels Blood Fire Death, Red stream, No Colours and Candlelight . Do you feel you have found a home with Candlelight? the label seems to respect you very much so...

-Time will tell. This is my last record on our contract but I haven't really thought about the future too much, which at my age is probably a mistake, but for right now Candlelight has been very supportive with this record and I am grateful for the work they are doing. 

7. Where do you see the sound of Krieg morphing into as it seems to be black metal is the backdrop and you paint over that pallet with many layers?

-No idea. The postpunk influence has been there since "Blue Miasma" but didn't really show itself in full until "the Isolationist" and into "Transient". I've been into crust for a long time now, but especially the last few years I've spent a lot of time digging into it deeper. I really don't know where we'll go after this. Looking forward has never been a strong point of mine. 

8.  What is currently going on with The royal arch blaspheme? another project under you belt? Its been a few years for that project in hiding as well?

-We talked about doing the third record next year. That's all I really know at this point. Whenever John has something ready for me I will be excited to do it, that project has been sort of a dream collaboration for me. 

9. Krieg seems to like doing vinyl one off esp 7" release . Do you feel its a good way to expose those to bands they may not have heard and should be heard?

-I really hate the earth and I know how much petroleum is used to make vinyl so it's my contribution to climate change. Also I guess the points you made up there are true as well. 

10. If there was one project or bands that Krieg could tour with and have not who would it be any why?

-I could go the selfish route and say Mark Lanegan or Chelsea Wolfe so that I could get the chance to see them perform every night but I think my ideal tour at this point would be with The Body, also for that reason, and because I think both bands are similar yet different enough to make every night something interesting for people. 

11. Always wondered why Krieg does not make videos for album tracks for You tube, video shows etc?? You much would is very visual in presentation..

-I'm broke.  

12. I know Neill your a big fan of Avant and Dark Electronic and Industrial music as well . There are even tastes of it on the new album.. What bands do you think stand out in the non metal extreme underground these days?

-I'm a huge fan of morose music like the aforementioned Lanegan and Wolfe but also Marrisa Nadler, Sharon Von Etten etc so I'm constantly seeking out music that's in that style but that values being interesting and evocative instead of pretentious. Vomit Orchestra is currently my favorite project in the more electronic/ambient vein, the main composer did some pieces on "Transient" and also several other Krieg releases including the upcoming split with Leviathan. I also listen to a lot of crust, hardcore and even more, I suppose "accessible" is the best term for it, punk. I suppose it's a symptom of being bi polar but I jump from moods in music like I jump emotionally. 
13. Were do you see the musical landscape heading for darker more extreme music in 2014 are the days of labels and albums coming to close will music be free and the shows and merch be the bands only income or is there a way to bring back artist making music for music digital like with Google music, Spotify and Amazon etc?

-Making money in music only happens if you're already wealthy and exploiting the work of others. Most musicians now are excited just to have enough gas to get to the next show.  

14. Tell us about anything else your working on musically, writing wise or artistic in nature?

-Right now I'm still working on ideas for my "Low Fidelity" column for Decibel and I'd love to get into writing for other sites. Musically I've had a lot of offers to do things but they sort of fade after awhile plus Krieg has been keeping me constantly busy this year so I don't think I would be able to commit to much else at this point. I'd love to work on a novel eventually. 

15. What part does social media play in the over all promotion and view of a band in 2014 sometimes its seems bands are getting stigma's for all the wrong reasons and other can keep the hype machine in their favors even though they are snakes in the brush?

-Social media in general has the power to be incredibly positive for artists but with Facebook's new system of keeping artist and musician pages suppressed without being give a bribe...sorry I mean a "boost" financially we all have to look into other directions to help get the message out. I'm sure you mean the huge witch hunts as of late vs a band run by a scam artist who is stealing from his fans to feed his habit? Fuck 'em both. 

16. Over the last two decades you've been creating music what is the one style Krieg has not tried that you would love to finally incorporate into an album?

-I'd like to train my voice so that I could do clean vocals in a non embarrassing manner and do some kind of morose passages ala Mark Lanegan, Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen. I'm working against nature here though as I have somewhat of an annoying speaking voice already and most attempts at this make me sound like I'm in a playground wearing nothing but an overcoat. 

17. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

-Thanks for the years of support my friend. Hope to see you again soon.

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6 New Reviews 8/12/14 @ Absolute Zero Media

Krieg- Transient- CD/Digital ( Candlelight Records)

So its been a few yrs since N Imperial and is ever evolving and changing lineup have released an album and this being the 2nd for Candlelight after a long run with Redstream... The harsh reality is Krieg is an experimental Black metal force with love of ambience, drones and chaos which drives them on every release. The sound over the years has become more focused and adds a very Punk/ Hardcore element to the over all tone of the last few releases. Krieg will always be that paper cut to the USBM scene refusing to play by any rules and just make something N Imperial will enjoy and express to the world around him.  With this and last two releases before them I would almost say that if His Hero is Gone , Early Swans or Man is the bastard became a Black metal band they would be Krieg . This is very high praise and take it as nothing less. With Transient they take the sound even further with a more spacial element and bass heavy approach. The Crust and Post Punk does release shine with many of the tracks. N Imperial's vocals are just so damn challenging at time as he likes to mix so many styles into them  that it makes the more straight forward Black metal fan lose there way.  I would say that Transient is a defining release but every release defines the bands as no two albums have very been the same they just hold the roots from day one of this band. Madness, Angst and Rebellion for anything that they are told they can no do or embrace..  If there is another I look forward to it . If this is the last Krieg then no disappointments either. 


Ides of Gemini- Old World New Wave- CD/ Digital  ( Neurot)

As a 3 piece the band as just blown me away to create a second release that is just as compelling if not more so then Constantinople. They mix Doom metal, 70's Fuzzed out Prog rock, Noise rock and that Ambient/ Spiritual sound that bands like Amber Asylum and Sabbath Assembly have been know to drive home over the years. There is such a dark experimenting sound going on through out the release with the  prog doom sounds of bands like Kyuss, Opeth and  Katatonia.. The female vocals are like Angels that fell to earth and singing there way back to the heavens above. These tracks are drenched in reverb and  a haunting melody. Ides of Gemini are really the purist form of heavy rock . The power and passion going through out the release you can pull out on every note that is strung and percussion attack.  This is magickal music and should be used as such for those in the know. Old World New Wave will open doorways in your mind and heart to places you have never been able to reach with out before.  This is music that would make Jarboe proud to create and perform as there is a strong element of her on this release especially in the vocal undertaking.  If you like the more laid back moments of Madder Mortem there is a very close home that here as well. Neurot your label releases are about emotion and connecting to a sound or ideal lost in music these days. Another step back to music as an artform here folks..

Botanist- VI: Flora- CD/ Digital (The Flenser)

The words Ambient, Experimental and Avant seem to play a large world of the music i listen to review and love well with Botanist I'm going to use a new term this is the age of Futurist Black metal and what I mean by that is the mix the prog/ electro, jazz and post black metal sound in to a bowel but they add an art rock element to this like Sonic youth, Television, Talking heads did in the 70's, 80's and 90's . There is something there tonally that is not in others. It's almost as if they have seen the future and want to give us just a little taste of the journey we will be taking in the next 100 years. With that in mid have a live for bands like Ved Buen Ende, Fleurety and Ulver at the same time. Botanist is a strange force to really grab onto and explain as it's so much more of the listening experience then  anything else. If yours of Russian Circles, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe and Wolvserpent this will be something you do not want to miss as it mixes all of this plus much more. VI: Flora has so many tempo and time changes and then goes into that ethereal place as well.  The fractured almost drum and bass side to this band makes is all the more impossible to not want to listen to this album over and over again. I have visions of Jesu and Author and Punisher collabing and making an album very close to this . I can see why Kayo Dot has signed on with this label as its a very fitting place for there sounds..

Acrania- Totalitarian Dystopia-CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Complexity, Brutality, Creativity these are all description on what comes to mind when listening to Acrania. This trio from London make Death metal that is cutting edge. People love to use the Deathcore tag but they are more then Death metal and Grindcore . The are Tech metal, Post Metallic and even Doomy in the same way Incantation  or The Chasm were. Unique Leader and Willowtip really over the last decade have the market on Forward thinking extreme metal bands and with Acrania they keep moving forward with each album. The production is so great you can hear everything and nothing is muddy actually quite the opposite you could hear a pin drop on the break down muted moments. Relapse, Listenable and Earache use to be the kings of this style in the 90's/ early 00's and the torch has been passed . This band is just talent profound. Death metal is really having a 3rd age I like to call it from 2012 to now and so glad so see that the extreme music fan is embracing this style again.  Let the battle machines forth and Acrania can lead the charge...

Bloodsoaked- Religious Apocalypse- CD/ Digital ( Comatose Music)

I would not so much call this a new album as new 3 song ep with covers and live tracks . I will very much talk about the 3 new track as they are crushing and brutal classic melodic death metal that anyone with a weakness to the a nod to those Nuclear blast, Roadracer, Earache and Relapse days will want to listen over and over again. Sometime death metal is just suppose to be brutal, dark and heavy and with Bloodsoaked Peter has mastered just that.  Peter loves Carcass, Obituary, Bolt Thrower and Death this is very clear in the arrangements and tracks over all tones.  Now on to the covers Cinderella ( Shake me) and Ratt ( Your in Love) . To be honest they just make me freakin smile. We all love these songs don't lie to yourself and Bloodsoaked make them just kick ass  with Cinderella its something I swear Entombed did as that what it sounds like and just is aces!!!! Then with Ratt it's just that a death metal vocalist showing is love for a great hard rock song. These two track are just cool sir my hats off you Bloodsoaked for that . The live track just show how good Bloodsoaked are on the stage and as I've seem Peter as a one man force on stage I know flat out how good he is as an artist. I still feel he should have been on a much bigger label as Bloodsoaked are stronger then many bands on the big 4 death metal labels. I look forward to a proper full length in the future..

Fallujah-  The Flesh Prevails- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Oh Dear were did this gem come from its one of the best Prog Death metal releases I've heard in years. Gorguts, Pestilence,  Edge of Sanity and Alchemist all come to mind when listening to this as well as bands like Borknagar and Solefald in the level amazing musicianship that is going on here.  I was not ready for this from a label like Unique Leader that goes for a much more oppressive style. There is flat out jazz and harmonic blues elements going on through out the release. If Neurosis , Amorphis and Dan Swano  formed a band they would be called Fallujah. This maybe the Prog Death metal album of 2014 for me as it's making my head spin with how all out adventurous and challenging this release is becoming and it doesn't let up those hammond and moog organs are just making this album better and better by the moment. There are elements of Guitar mastery that I have only heard by Steve Vai , Alex Skolnick and Joe Satriani to be honest.  Fallujah even have an ethereal element going on as well . I don't know where to do this is were bands like Cynic, Atheist and Death were heading but never made it and now Fallujah waves the flag for Forward thinking Prog Death metal . This album is a must hear in all honesty..

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5 New Reviews 8/4/2014

Monsterworks- Overhaul- Vinyl. Digital ( Eat Lead Die)

With its kind of very DIY artist you have a mix of a few different worlds. Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Extreme Metal all at the same time. I feel at times they have feel into the curse artist like  Devin Townsend, Dan Swano, Opeth , Amorphis and Katatonia have all gone towards. Where maturity comes from years of crafting a sound and ideal that other elements as you expand you music horizons come in. I would say Monsterworks has fell in love with Porcupine Tree, Yes and Amorphis to make something that is as experimental, grooving and bombastic as any modern album today. James Plotkin mastered this beast and the album could not sound more full or massive in creation. The mix of Melodic , Death and Post Hardcore vocals are in the mix through out. There is a very distant haunting quality to this album that has not been in others were I feel that an Anathema or Opeth flavor is really starting to shine as well. Underground music has really become something that is splintering and dividing into new frontiers always. Who thought a Dozen notes could have make some of the mosting interesting of arts for over 6 decades now . Long live rock and roll ...

Malhkebre- Revelation- CD, LP, Digital ( I Voidhanger)

More in the every twisting and winding sage of Post Black metal sounds. I would say this is a mix of Tribal, Raw Pagan elements, South american elements and some of the most dissident avant Black metal chaos going on today but what to you expect from this label it's the fringe division of A.T.M.F.  This is a french black metal unit with much in common with bands like Aborym, D.H.G and Negura Bunget . Especially with those odd eastern european blackened metal elements going on. The vocals are just so painful on this album it sounds like the vocalist is being tortured into signing like that and the group vocal moments are some kind of primitive incantation on an unforgiving land.  Bizarre is an understatement with this project.  I swear at time I'm listening to tracks from a 70's hammer horror film as well. Unsettling yes but all the more worth the album as a whole. This again will not be for the massive but if you like the bands mentioned above you need to have Malhkebre a very long and hard listen.. You will not be disappointed.

Empryium- The turn of the tides- CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Productions)

So are you a fan of bands like Tenhi,  Anathema, Antimatter, Arcana, Devil Doll, Dead can dance, Elend etc then you know where I'm going with this . Gothic Post Pock with Neoclassic and Folk element all in an epic Prog rock shell. This is something that is going to either blow you away or come across as the most epic of pompous albums ever. Empryium is all about human emotions, spirit and how it is impacted with nature and the unknown realms . I know this album was a massive undertaking and how fragile the balance of this release is. The Black / Death vocals remind me of early Elend albun in presentation. The neoclassic arrangements are just breathe taking to say the least. If you want to know what passion for your art and how to wear it on your sleeve then just take a few listens to " The turn of the tides"

YOB-  Clearing the path to ascend- CD/ Digital ( Neurot )

YOB seems to have taken a major lesson from the founding labels own project Neurosis in dynamics and power but then come to full circle with classic doom and heavy metal element of bands like Candlemass, Dio , Cathedral and Mercyful Fate.  YOB makes you rethink how music should have ever been presented in the 1st place. The vocals remind me of Power metal in the presentation again.  The music has elements of bands like Isis, Mastodon and Crowbar as well. Clearing the path to ascend is just a crushing type of release ( mentally , emotionally and spiritual ). I was not ready for this from YOB. Albums come like this once maybe twice in a lifetime from a band. The mix of passion and hypnotic clean vocals and the deep guttural vocals we know from Neurosis. The layers and complexity that goes into one single track forget the album is more then bands put into several releases. I promise you I am not talking up this album it's really is that major and defining of a release for both band and label. Neurot you have always impressed but with YOB the bar have been truly elevated to levels beyond words. 

Madmans Esprit- Nacht- CD/ Digital ( ATMF)

South Korea isn't a common place for Extreme metal but its growing for sure with a few labels there. This band dwells from the conflicted nation and if your a fan of bands like Sigh, Mayhem, Solefald, Acid Bath, Arcturus and Manes  then you need to enter this perplexed temple of wonder, oddity and majesty. This is absolutely one of the most amazingly confusing albums I've heard  period but would not missed it for a moment. It's like watching a game show, horror movie and play all at the same time .  It makes me want to pull out my Oxiplegatz and Savatage album and play them at same time with Dimmu Borgir  playing in the background. Circus music for the damned is really where I want to go with the review I'm trying to write.  I would even say there are strong elements of Dorenreich in the way the album sounds.  Impressive most impressive..

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5 New Reviews 7/29/2014

Mortualia- Blood of the hermit-CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Dark and unnatural is where I would start with this release as its a side project of Horna/ Sargeist member Shatraug. This is post black metal with a very spacial and avant in the cords and disharmonic element of the album it reminds me of the more occult and very ritualist mystery bands like Drudkh, Wolves in the throne room and Windir just to name a few. This is black metal of the ancient ways . Of summonings to those names can not be spoken. There is a punk, heathen and early raw thrash element in the mix as well. The vocals are incantations to a realm that no one in their right mind would want to be opened into this world.  Children's nightmares spawn from this kind of music. in other words this album is just down right fantastic from beginning to end. This is truly for those that want there black metal to unsettle and make them know there are dark forces working against humanity period.

Father Murphy- Pain is on our side now-CD/ Digital ( Aagoo)

Where did this band come from and how come I didn't listen to this sooner. Industrial Metal meet Electronic Noise meets Neoclassic mastery. Its as if When, MZ412, Sonic Youth  and Sanctum ( band of Cold Meat Industries) had a love child at a Sunn0)) show.. I don't really know were to go with this . This is experimental and harsh and as forward thinking as any release I've heard in years. Its so many extreme genres in one and never one directional period. This is what the last moments of life must sound like on a dying world. The power that Father Murphy presents is massive by any undertaking.   Power electronic on a whole new level, Industrial Doom with ethno elements and Droning Noise with odd rhythms . It's really up to the listener to make there own conclusion with something that is that much of a breathe of fresh air in an already creative underground world.

Lacrimae Mundi cover art

TeHOM- Lacrimae Mundi- CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

Primitive Tribal Dark Industrial in the highest of regards. The throat vocals with deep occult vocals , Long dark percussion blasts of sound and waves of reverb through out the release. TeHom was one of my favorite bands on the Nero/Tesco Org labels in the late 90's early 00's . With TeHom you have a force a wave of ancient ideals that no one fully understands but a select few want to try to absorb and grow in that spiritual ideals. The Ethno dark ambient and death industrial comes from the same place bands like In Slaughter Natives and Sephiroth .. What we have hear is without doubt sinister music . There is just something about Eastern European underground music that has such a darker / refined element to it . So glad to have this artist back making music on these levels..

Martyrdod- Elddop- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

Another album in the style that southern lord has fully excelled and shined. The Crust/ Hardcore/ Punk/Grind movement. with Martyrdod we have a very well produced chuck of music that is Fast, Melodic, Noisy and full of fury as you would expect none the less. If you a fan of those labels Slap a ham, Pushead, Pessimister and Hydrahead then this is going to be something that you will not be able to stop listening to. There is a very Doom feeling to this album as a whole and a mature nature to all that is being made. Martyrdod has added Thrash complexities to the musical arrangements as well.  I get the vibe of bands like early At the gates and mid period Carcass mix in as well. There really is a lot going on here and yes the more I hear that golden age of Earache shines here as well. Not an album to miss would be how I would close this review.

Rabbits- Untoward- CD/ Digital ( Lamb Unlimited)

Man does this band have my number  Noisy Sludge with a healthy dose of Heavy indie rock. If you a fan of bands like Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Today is the day or Tad then my friends this a must own album. The sonic destruction on this album is epic and just keeps up the wall of low end trickery. The vocals are those cross of filthy punk and nyc hardcore. This band would have band a label darling on Amrep, SST or Matador yrs back.  There is a true rebirth of this music style and I'm so glad for labels like Ipecac , Southern Lord and 20 Buck spin for seeing value in this music again and now we have a new label Lamb Unlimited doing just the same thing. Rabbit is the band that will let you release all the stress and aggressions we have and restart a new.  Every release I've heard from Rabbits is this good and they keep progressing or maybe degressing into a band that is 2nd to none in the style and inspiration of this genre.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Secrets of Giza Artist- Abre Ojos Interview

1.    Scott please tell us how this project came about?

My background is in visual arts – installation, sculpture, textiles – and the exploration of sound came about from the necessity to have sound within my installations. For a while the visual side of things dropped back as I made up for lost time with the process of understanding sound and recording and performing music with a variety of electronic equipment.  After watching too many performers stuck behind laptops compared to the stage dynamics of the plethora of metal gigs I had watched, there was no visual element to engage the audience in what I was doing live and even to a certain extent in the recorded output. Drawing on my visual background, I started Abre Ojos specifically as an audio-visual project. We are now classed as a visual society, our visual language is highly developed and it starts from a young age. Traditional cultures that have a strong storytelling tradition tend to be much more aural. This visual sensitivity is something that I am targeting. One of the intentions of the project was to wedge into the TV time of my audience, for them to forsake an ad break, or a Simpsons episode and instead watch a meditative evolving mandala, to cleanse their palette from the constant stream of visual excrement that we are exposed to.

2.    I hear elements of many Australian experimental artists in Abre Ojos . Halo, Trial of the bow and Shinjuku thief to begin with also many of the older CMI, Malignant, Dark Vinyl and Cold Spring artists. Was this were the sounds were influenced from?

Shinjuku Thief was a big influence and I was listening to him before I even knew he was Australian. I missed Halo when it was an active entity but through my love of music technology and synthesis and the local modular group, I met one half of Halo who lives local to me and still creates amazing music under Terminal Sound System ( and Siilt ( Skye’s approach to sound production and programming has always pushed me along right when I needed it. I am very honored to know such a true artist! The biggest influence that pushed me down this path was the opportunity to work for a short time with Alan Lamb and listening to his compositions of the wires. My early music was very derivative of his work. Listening to his music and the discussions we had led me to understand the 3 min pop song was well and truly dead, that rhythm can be found outside of percussion and that audio frequencies are a playground.

3.    I would call the style sinister dark electro noise with ambient and drift overtones. If you were asked how would you explain it?

You have done a good job in explaining it. My explanation of it can only come from explaining the technology I use and the aesthetic and personal intention I put into it as I make it.
The sound comes primarily from synthesisers – a small eurorack modular, a Mono Evolver Keyboard and up until recently an Elektron Analog Four. I also use Absynth and Alchemy software. For me the whole digital vs analogue debate is moot. Synthesis is a meditative ritual for me, that engagement of physical interaction with aural focus, listening to the impact that minute changes of a pot or slider have, quieting the conscious mind, allowing other infinite connections to take place in guidance for construction and composition.
My personal aesthetic of the frequency range is in the lower ranges, these lower frequencies have been associated with being dark, maybe something in our primal brain makes it so – connections to the low rumble of an avalanche, a cave in, an earthquake or some other catastrophic geological event. There is no doubt that the world beyond the plastic we are fed from the mainstream media is a dark place, when I found the Spanish term “Abre Ojos” it was a common saying of sailors saying “look out, open your eyes, there is danger all around!”.

4.    I know there is a dvd with gates as a companion but I only got the audio tracks to review tell us what the dvd is all about?

As stated previously, Abre Ojos is primarily an audio-visual project, so there are always visuals being created in parallel with the sound – both elements are treated equally and composed simultaneously and I am very lucky to have found a label in Secrets of Giza that supports this and were happy to go the extra mile to release a DVD and CD package.
The DVD visuals are built from 3 films found on that are in the public domain. It is very important for me to use raw materials that are in the public domain or licensed under creative commons. They all have some kind of extra-terrestrial theme, which for me is not necessarily about an external higher intelligence but as a metaphor for our own universally connected selves. This is a part of the core principle I was exploring with Gates, so these films were appropriate to use. I have a fascination with the geometry in our world – in nature, in mankind’s constructions and with the mandalas of eastern philosophies and religions. The films were cut up and molded into long evolving mandalas and layered with audio reactive geometric animations. The result is a 60+min audio-visual experience that are designed to be watched and simultaneously not watched, with the opportunity opened to listen to the sound on a deeper level and to potentially move through the image into a deeper part of yourself.

5.    Is there a story or tale behind the album gates?

Gates was conceived through 2012 culminating in the solar eclipse. The prophesies of doom for me were nothing but a clear statement that the dogmas, religions and laws of societal control were expired, out of date. Priests, shamans or figures of control no longer guarded the gates to individual enlightenment. The time had come for self-individuation (in the Jungian sense) and self-directed guidance. The track list of Gates is a manifesto in it’s own right with each track an exploration of that step in the process of discarding the expired dogmas of control. The final track – Take Your Place – is that point of claiming your own sovereignty of all aspects of your life and spiritual beliefs.  Gates was my own training exercise to explore and reaffirm this knowledge.

6 Scott I know you make music outside Abre Ojos how does it differ?

You can’t escape yourself! The other music that I make out side of Abre Ojos is in collaborations. Every collaboration is something that I’m privileged to be a part of in connecting and creating with others. The music is still me but with the opportunity to respond and react to others creative processes. It differs only that I hope it becomes something unique and new through the collaboration process. When collaborating I do try and explore different instruments or creative techniques. I guess a subtext of the question is “am I worried about staying true to a particular genre?” and that answer is firmly no. The past centuries of creative pursuits have brought us to a point where any and every creative act is valid and meaningful and this represented with the amazing range and diversity of music available on somewhere like Bandcamp or Soundcloud. So to disregard genres and free myself to create whatever comes out at whatever point ensure that I am true to whatever point psychologically, spiritually or physically I am at and that I can create something true with integrity for myself.

6.    Secrets of Giza has released this album they are new to my readers and myself how did you come to work with them?

The relationship with Secrets of Giza came about through a friend and fellow musician Matt Casey/Illuminoscillate (, another amazing local dark ambient artist who had been in discussion and had contacted SOG and who had mentioned me. Secrets of Giza and I started chatting and I sent them the Gates demo and they instantly wanted to release it. The label owners are musicians themselves, this is reflected in the attention to detail and care they have shown in all of our dealings. They have a strong work ethic and a unique vision for their label and artists and I’m honored to be a part of their roster!

7.    Your music has a very eastern and ritualistic feel to it was that done to need or did it just come about organically?

The irrelevance of established and historical ritual practices means that we are free to create our own forms of rituals and my creation process is very much that for me. Each track has a clear personal intention and I approach the making of them in a ritualistic way. The eastern influence may come from the metallic percussion instruments that I sample and also play live on the tracks such as my collection of meditation bowls and Tibetan chimes and cymbals. It even creeps in with the tunings I use when programming the synthesizers.

8.     Are you a fan of social media or does it hurt the real artist trying to grow and expand the musical journey?

Social media is a great way of connecting directly with people who like my music. It is a struggle to get new audiences from places like Facebook and Twitter that are just 21st century versions of bill flyers pasted onto lampposts. I feel that networking (collaborations, gigs, etc) is still the number one way to make the initial connection with potential listeners/watchers and that the social media triumvirate of demons are just the way to continue and develop those connections.

9.    Where do you see the sound of Abre Ojos heading with future releases?

I am always reminded about how much I don’t know about sound production when I hear the current work coming out around the world, so the Abre Ojos sound is always striving to develop compositionally, technically and in sound creation. There are three new releases on the horizon: one built completely from sounds recorded from the wind organ I built with Alan Lamb which is very much embedded in the dark ambient style. That is due soon on an Australian label Iceage Productions ( The other two are logical progressions from Gates with percussive elements and darker, denser tracks.

10.  If you could let us know what are you currently listening to and reading these days. Tell much about the artist.

Haxan Cloak is on constant rotation and I have been playing his collaboration with The Body a lot. The Mika Vainio and Joachim Nordwall collab – Monstrance is an excellent record. You can really hear the live jamming from two excellent improvisers. Pharmakon – Abandon, her talent for minimal composition which results in such a huge sound always blows me away and the videos I have seen of her live shows makes me wish she would come to Aus to tour sometime. The two current reads are a new collection of Stephen King short stories and the Alan Moore graphic novel Lost Girls.

11. If you could collab and tour with anyone or project who would it be and why?

Too many collaboration wishes to list here but here are the top three: Henrik Nordvargr Björkk – his no nonsense approach, choice of audio technology and his talent would be great to connect with, he leaps genres effortlessly. Bobby Krlic/Haxan Cloak – amazing sequencing and sound design skills and finally, Margaret Chardiet/Pharmakon for all the reasons listed above.

12.  Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Thank you for the interview and great questions. As mentioned above the industry is a quagmire and saturated with amazing music so I am always humbled when I find out someone is listening to my music or wants to hear my thoughts on the creation process. The need to be creative is very strong and I feel that I would be doing this even if there wasn’t any audience, so I am very appreciative of every ear, eye and heart that does take the time to listen and watch.
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