Friday, March 30, 2012

Clint Listing- In the Minds of Madness Album out today on Fluttery Records

Out Today March 30th 2012!!!!! on CD and Digital Formats

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Clint Listing creates music as a solo artist in post industrial landscape mix elements of noise, ambient, drone and avant sounds. Clint Listing's In The Minds Of Madness is a collaboration with some of the favorite artists he has performed with on tour, live events or just impressed him. Projects like Terrorfakt, Dream into Dust, Steel Hook Protheses, Murderous Visions, Encomiast  & Lopeholt. This album spans many genres of The Post Industrial and Experimental landscapes from harsh noise, electronica to post-rock.  "In the minds of madness" has taken two years of blood , sweat and creativity.  Clint Listing tells that this is the most expansive release of his twenty + year music career.

Clint Listing - In the minds of madness

1. Clint Listing & Stephen Petrus (Murderous Visions) -  The Dawn of Sorrow

2- Clint Listing  & Lopeholt (From Scotland)- Love is Pain
3. Clint Listing & John Stillings (Steel Hook Prostheses)- Under the Frozen Moon of  Tomorrow
4. 4yrs of Suffering (Clint Listing and Aries  both ex As All Die)-  Your God is so proud
5-Clint Listing & Derek Rush ( Dream into Dust/ A Murder of Angels)- We've Been Forgotten
6-Clint Listing & Dana Duffey (Demonic Christ/ Mythic)- Passion Through Conflict
7- Clint Listing & Ben / DJ Hell Raver (Terrorfakt)- Riders of the Final Dawn
8- Clint Listing & Ross Hagen (Encomiast)-  Peace Breeds War

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